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We are on the hunt for motivated and talented individuals to join the ANACOTT PRIME FAMILY.

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In a nutshell, corporations want to increase their sales or customer acquisition and they rely on businesses like ours to create the sales process that will work best to produce their desired results. We then recruit, hire, train, and employ the staff to represent their brand, product, or service.

Our staff is presented with opportunities to represent some of the largest companies while offering excellent guaranteed hourly pay, bonuses, high earning commissions, 5 STAR all-inclusive resort trip incentives, an enjoyable work atmosphere, and future career progression as we choose to invest in our staff and promote only from within.

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Our training programs ensure all employees are provided top of the line education with understanding PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE combined with how to provide exceptional CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, while ensuring they represent businesses and products with confidence, critical thinking, and positive morale.


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